No Sugar Added Chocolate Bars

"Ross Chocolates firmly believes that everyone should enjoy eating chocolate, including people striving to eliminate sugar from their diet. We pursue excellence in the taste and variety of our premium no sugar added chocolate while promoting a healthy lifestyle for all."

Proudly Canadian


"My fave thing about this year's show was... ROSS chocolates... I have to confess that I have been buying them for years... our family has a small cottage at Scotch Creek, B.C. and that is how we first heard about their chocolates being made in the area. Being that I have several diabetic siblings, the ROSS chocolates cater to them as well.... their raspberry chocolate flavour is to live for! Thanks very much for this opportunity to win the giveaway..." -Alana LeSueur

"They are made with the finest of ingredients, including real cocoa butter and are available in 10 succulent flavors. They are the real deal and give you all the luscious sweetness that you enjoy with chocolate without all the unhealthy sugar you don't need. Plus, they are kosher certified no carb bars and are a superb source of antioxidants and healthy flavonoids." -
  "Many low carbers have already "discovered" Ross Sugar Free Chocolate Bars, but for those of you who haven't, we want to let you know these are some of the best. Sweetened only with Maltitol, but causing little or no blood sugar spikes, these high quality, super creamy bars are as delicious as they are versatile. Because they come in a myriad of varieties, they're not only great to "cure" that sweet tooth, but melt beautifully to use in cooking and baking."
"Oh my goodness, these bars are nothing less than the most creamy and smooth maltitol-sweetened chocolate bars you will ever put in your mouth and they contain just 2-5g net carbs per bar! WOW!"
-Andrew Dimino, Founder of
  "This is some of the best-tasting no sugar added chocolate around. Compares well to any gourmet regular chocolate. Full flavor, great balance. I'm especially fond of the White Chocolate, which tastes just like the real thing I used to like so much and missed badly until I found Ross."
- Elisabeth in Virginia
"For reasons of health I live the low carb life style. Like most of us I also have a love of chocolate. That causes a conflict. Ross has solved that problem. These great dark chocolate bars are the full chocolate flavor that I love. I still try not to over-indulge but is a wonderful special treat. After using Ross dark chocolate I now realize how much the taste of regular chocolate is sugar loaded and how little of it is chocolate. Even if I could I would never go back to the other types of dark chocolate."
-Eldon in Kansas
  "I cannot even tell these are sugar free! At first I bought a box of mixed for hubby & I to share; I got all the milk bars, he got all the dark, which he prefers. Then he asks for his own box of mixed and as milk choc/mint are my favorite, I got that for me! What a great treat!"
- Cathy in Conneticut
"I love dark chocolate, and this is dark chocolate. No funny after-taste (like some other brands I've tried), just deep, dark, delicious chocolate flavor and a nice texture."
- Robert in Florida
  "Best sugar free candy I've ever had-completely satisfies my cravings for dark chocolate."
- Heather in Pennsylvania
"I tried the Dark Chocolate variety and was very impressed. There are very few ingredients in this bar (that is good!) and they are quality. The taste is delicious and compares to a Hershey Special Dark."
- Laura in Illinois
  "I am very picky and have wasted a lot of money on low carb items that "claim" to taste as good as the original. This WASN'T the case with these chocolate bars. The milk chocolate tastes exactly like german chocolate- so creamy and delicious. They are sooo good and only 3 carbs! This is definitely helping the last 10 pounds come off easier!"
- Bobbi in Illinois
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